Daily Deals 6/30 – Best Buy Ad 7/1, Alien Anthology, The Bourne Trilogy, and more

Best BuyAt CheapAssGamer, get an early look at the Best Buy and Target ads for the week of 7/1.

Highlights include a $10 BD sale at Best Buy, and the release of Born on the Fourth of July, which has a $3 coupon available, making it only $7 in-store at Best Buy.

The Shawshank Redemption – $7.99 at Amazon
The Bourne Trilogy – $19.99 with free in-store pickup at Frys.com
Alien Anthology – $28.96 shipped at Amazon

The Starlost: The Complete Series – $14.99 at Amazon

Today is the last day for Best Buy’s $10 TV Show on DVD sale with free shipping (34 Titles)

The best Blu-ray deals today include The Bourne Trilogy, a price low by $10, Alien Anthology, a price low by $11, and The Shawshank Redemption, a price low by $2.

The best DVD deals today include The Starlost, a price low by $6.

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Todays post includes a coupon at Newegg for $10 off of any pre-order.

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