Daily Deals 12/4 – The Dark Knight Rises, The Princess Bride, and more

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The Dark Knight Rises couponBlu-ray’s:   
Purple Rain – $6.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix Revolutions 2-Pack – $7.99 at Amazon
Looney Tunes Showcase 1 – $7.99 at Amazon
Home Alone (Family Fun Edition) – $9.99 at Amazon
The Princess Bride: 25th Anniversary Edition – $10.00 at Amazon

Vivre sa Vie (The Criterion Collection) – $17.99 at Amazon
The Dark Knight Rises Combo Pack – $18.99 at Amazon
Coen Brothers Collection – $19.99 at Amazon

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 – $64.99 shipped at Amazon

The Dark Knight Rises dealDVD’s:  
The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Complete Animated Series – $11.49 at Amazon
The Emmanuelle Beart Collection – $16.49 at Amazon
Life on Mars: the Complete First Series (UK Show) – $18.99 at Amazon

50% off British TV Sale at Barnes & Noble

The best deals on Blu-ray’s today include the Coen Brothers Collection, a price low by $25, Star Trek: The Next Generation, a price low by $15, Vivre Sa Vie, a price low by $2, The Dark Knight Rises, a price low by $6, Home Alone, a price low by $2, Purple Rain, a price low by $2, the Matrix 2-Pack, a price low by $3, the Terminator 2 Limited Edition Complete Collector’s Set, which is $65 off MSRP with the coupon code, and The Princess Bride, a price low by $3.

The best deals on DVD’s today include Barney Miller: The Complete Series, a price low by $34, Adventures Of The Little Prince, a price low by $9, the Emmanuelle Beart Collection, a price low by $20, the Gerard Depardieu Collection, a price low by $24, the Vengeance Trilogy, a price low by $12, and Life on Mars, a price low by $20.

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