Blu-ray & Digital Deals 2/8 – Anime Deals at Amazon, Rick and Morty, Free Movies at VUDU, The Sopranos, $10 Movies at Best Buy, Westworld, and more

Blu-ray Deals:

Best Buy has a selection of Blu-ray’s on sale for $9.99 each, including:

Amazon has these Anime Blu-ray’s on sale:

VUDU has a new selection of movies free to watch with ads, including Terminator 3, Batman Begins, and more

VUDU has a selection of deals in their Valentine’s Day Sale, including Bundles and 2 for $9.99 Movies


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Blu-ray Deals 2/5 – Bourne 4K Ultimate Collection, Peppermint, New Releases, Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray, The Grinch Exclusives, Clannad, and more

Blu-ray Deals:71JKDh1TKvL._SL1499_

Today’s New Releases include:517mBe3yEKL

Walmart has the SpongeBob SquarePants First 100 Episodes DVD Set on sale for $29.96


Other Deals From Around the Web: