Blu-ray & Digital Deals 2/8 – Anime Deals at Amazon, Rick and Morty, Free Movies at VUDU, The Sopranos, $10 Movies at Best Buy, Westworld, and more

closeThis post was published 11 days ago which means most of the deals may have expired. For the newest deals, go to the front page!

Blu-ray Deals:

Best Buy has a selection of Blu-ray’s on sale for $9.99 each, including:

Amazon has these Anime Blu-ray’s on sale:

VUDU has a new selection of movies free to watch with ads, including Terminator 3, Batman Begins, and more

VUDU has a selection of deals in their Valentine’s Day Sale, including Bundles and 2 for $9.99 Movies


Other Deals From Around the Web:bdef3d86-7507-4c35-9ab2-0c257da75095_1.8ab5d665b01bef05d24276954f6b5e7d

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