Blu-ray & DVD Deals 3/19 – Shrek Collection, $14.99 4K Blu-ray’s, Sons of Anarchy, Steelbooks, Arrow Films Sale, Apocalypse Now, Harry Potter, and more

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Blu-ray Deals:

Best Buy has the Harry Potter 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray’s on sale for $9.99 each:

Best Buy has a selection of 4K UHD Blu-ray’s on sale for $14.99 each, including:

Barnes & Noble has a selection of Arrow Films Blu-ray’s on sale for $19.99 each, including those below:

DVD Deals:asdasd

Digital Deals

VUDU has a selection of Movie/TV Bundles on sale, including John Wick 1-2, 24, the Robert Langdon Trilogy, 28 Days Collection, and more

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Today’s post includes Rise of the Tomb Raider, Borderlands, an Xbox One S 2TB Bundle, and more.

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