Blu-ray & DVD Deals 5/7 – Attack on Titan Part 1 Limited Edition, Veronica Mars, BD Steelbook Sale, Under The Dome, and more

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Blu-ray Deals:

In-store, Moviestop has a selection of Universal Blu-ray Steelbooks on sale for $9.99 each.  See the selection starting on Page

In-store, Target has a selection of Blu-ray movies on sale for $4.75 each.  Titles include The Ring, Scream 4, Romeo + Juliet, and more

DVD Deals:Veronica Mars Season

Other Deals From Around the Web:

Amazon has a selection of Kindle eBooks for free

Price Comparison:

The best Blu-ray deals today include the Attack on Titan Part 1 Limited Edition, a price low by $9, Garden State, a price low by $4, the Dirty Harry Collection, a price low over the US version by $10, the Christopher Nolan Directors Collection, a price low by $12, and Nikita Season 3, a price low by $20.

The best DVD deals today include all 3 seasons of Veronica Mars, price lows by at least $3 each, Under The Dome Season 1, a price low by $13, Elementary Season 1, a price low by $21, and Nikita Season 3, a price low by $16.

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  • Andy

    24: Live Another Day had a great premiere. It’s like it never left. Took about 45 minutes for Jack’s first ‘Dammit!’

    I think a lot of shows would benefit from a year or two hiatus, but it’s not something you can plan and expect everyone to stay on board.

  • David4

    I just want to say… AGAIN… that if someone here has never watched Veronica Mars that it’s worth it for even $20 a season, about how much I payed for it.

    I have watched the first season 4 times now, the second season 3 times and the third twice. I recently watched the whole thing again, and the movie comes next week for me, and the third season isn’t as bad as I remember. The second season was a bit of a soup opera mess, the third season just had way too many deaths, but it’s still $10 on backorder and well well worth the blind buy.

    • Andy

      Well said! I agree completely. I bought the seasons years ago for about $20 each, and they were well worth it.