Blu-ray & DVD Deals 9/3 – World War Z Pre-Order, Nikita, Black Adder, Alcatraz, Warrior, Star Trek, and more

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The best Blu-ray deals today include Nikita, a price low for either season by $13, World War Z, a price low by $7, Alcatraz: The Complete Series, a price low by $13, the Fox Searchlight Spotlight Series Volume, a price low by $26, Warrior, a price low by $5, and Ghostbusters, a price low by $3.

The best DVD deals today include Black Adder, a price low by $28, Bleak House, a price low by $20, Castle Season 1, a price low by $5, World War Z, a price low by $3, The Middle Season 2, a price low by $7, and Liberty’s Kids, a price low by $4.

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  • Brian Hinson

    I wanted to mention this a few days ago, and some of the details have escaped my memory… but I came across an article discussing a soon to be released Bluray/DVD movie that is putting some of the extra’s (such as commentary) as DLC!!! You can buy it on iTunes etc…

    So basically… to get all the extras you’ll have to purchase the movie more than once at different retailers (e.g. Target, Walmart) AND THEN purchase DLC to finish it off!

    sigh… and they wonder why people download… who wants to buy several copies just to get “special features” you’ll watch once or twice… and rarely are they worth much to begin with.

  • David4

    I’ll buy the new Star Trek for $2.50 new from Amazon like I did the last time.

    I buy the movie, I owe the movie in every format I want. For some reason the studios think that I’m only renting a digital copy. I’m not, it’s mine. If I want it I’ll download it again, this time their so called “illegal”.