Daily Deals 5/21 – ER Complete Series, Blu-ray Box Sets, $5 BD Sale, Stallone Collection, and more

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7588846.01.prodBlu-ray Deals:

Primal Fear – $4.99 at Amazon
Delgo Combo Pack – $4.99 at Amazon
The Wedding Singer (Totally Awesome Edition) – $4.99 at Amazon

Avatar 3D Limited Edition – $14.99 shipped at Frys
The Sylvester Stallone Collection (5 Films, Region Free) – ~$17 shipped at Amazon.co.uk

Terminator Anthology – $19.99 shipped at Frys
Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection – $19.99 shipped at Frys
The Dark Knight Trilogy – $19.99 shipped at Frys
Alien Anthology – $19.99 shipped at Frys

Best Buy$4.99 Blu-ray Titles with free shipping at BestBuy.com (50+ Titles)
Includes Sin City, Valkyrie, Donnie Darko, Tommy Boy, Teen Wolf, and more.

$14.96 TV on DVD / $19.96 TV on Blu-ray Sale at Walmart.com (100+ Titles)

ER_Season_11_DVD_coverDVD Deals:

Dilbert: The Complete Series – $13.99 at Amazon
Caprica Season 1.5 – $14.99 at Amazon
Peanuts 1960’s Collection – $14.99 at Amazon
Entourage Season 8 – $14.99 at Amazon

AmazonWatch the first episode of BBC’s Frozen Planet: ‘To The Ends of the Earth, Part 1’ free in HD at Amazon Instant Video.

The best deals on Blu-ray’s today include The Sylvester Stallone Collection, a price low for all 5 films on Blu-ray by more than $20, Alien Anthology, a price low by $15, The Dark Knight Trilogy, a price low by $7, the Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection, a price low by $16, Terminator Anthology, a price low by $18, Avatar, a price low for the 3D version by $5, and the $5 BD’s, price lows by at least $2 each.

The best deals on DVD’s today include ER: The Complete Series, a price low for all 15 seasons by more than $110, Caprica Season 1.5, a price low by $3, the Peanuts 1960’s Collection, a price low by $7, Dilbert: The Complete Series, a price low by $6, and Entourage, a price low by $5.

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  • Brian Hinson

    I ordered that Batman Trilogy the first go round a few days ago. Fry’s says it is back-ordered. I’ve never dealt with fry’s before so I don’t know how fast it’ll be, but I’m not expecting long or else why would they be still selling them?

    On another note just got a package from Amazon and everything in it is damaged, that is a first from them. The box however was punctured on the corner and seemed in bad over all condition. The books didn’t fair well on that corner, especially being hard-backs. Amazon says they’ll have me replacements by this Thursday… Amazon rocks.

  • Brian Hinson

    Oh, and computer is back up and running on a Samsung 840 120G SSD… wanted the 830 but I got the 840 and saved about $30.00. Seems I also had a memory stick go out as well. I’m thinking the bad memory caused the operating system to write faulty info to the hard drive such that it wouldn’t boot. Otherwise the hard drive is working well and an error check found a problem with the file system and fixed it. Computer boots in about 10 seconds now.

    • Andy

      Nice. I have my OS on a SSD and it is lightning fast.

      When I’ve bought from Frys the stuff wasn’t backordered, so I can’t say from any experience, but I’d guess it shouldn’t take too long to come back in-stock. It’s a popular franchise with no risk of being OOP or having other supply constraint issues.

      Amazon has been my favorite online store for years and a big part of why is their amazing customer service. When I’ve had issues in the past, not often, but with how much I order from them it’s going to happen, they have always fixed the situation, usually going beyond what I expected. First class.

  • Brian Hinson

    Yeah, I’ve been with Amazon from way back when they only sold books and sent out Christmas gifts (I got a few from them over the years).

  • Cortney

    i really appreciate who guys compounding all the major site tv/movie deals. i have you guys bookmarked and check this site daily. thanks!!!

    • Andy

      Thanks Cortney, I’m glad you enjoy the site!