Daily Deals 5/13 – Spider-Man 1-3, Fast & Furious, Stargate SG-1, Tommy Boy, Battlestar, and more

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91WhjDUpm5L._SL1500_Blu-ray Deals:

Tommy Boy – $4.99 at Amazon
Under Seige – $4.99 at Amazon
The Pebble & The Penguin – $4.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Also available for the same price at Amazon

Spider-Man – $8.00 at Amazon
Spider-Man 2 – $8.00 at Amazon
Spider-Man 3 – $8.00 at Amazon
The Princess Bride (25th Anniversary Edition) – $8.00 at Amazon
Crazy, Stupid, Love – $8.00 at Amazon

Fast & Furious – $9.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
2 Fast 2 Furious – $9.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift – $9.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
The Fast and the Furious – $9.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Combo Pack – $19.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

61vora2u6vLDVD Deals:

The Sandlot – $5.00 at Amazon
Ancient Aliens Season 1 – $5.00 at Amazon

Gilmore Girls Season 7 – $12.99 at Amazon
Stargate SG-1 Season 1 – $12.99 at Amazon
Stargate SG-1 Season 2 – $12.99 at Amazon
Stargate SG-1 Season 3 – $12.99 at Amazon

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series – $94.99 shipped at Amazon
Also available for the same price at BestBuy.com

WB StoreUnder $5 DVD Sale with free shipping at WBShop.com
Includes The Dark Knight, the Lord of the Rings movies, Caddyshack, and many more.

The best deals on Blu-ray’s today include The Amazing Spider-Man, a price low by $12, the Fast & Furious films, price lows by $1-$3 each, Spider-Man 1-3, price lows by at last $2 each, Tommy Boy, a price low by $3, and The Pebble & The Penguin, a price low by $4.

The best deals on DVD’s today include Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series, a price low by $42, Ancient Aliens, a price low by $5, Gilmore Girls, a price low by $6, and the 3 seasons of Stargate SG-1, price lows by $5 each.

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Todays post includes Forza 4, Fire Emblem: Awakening, used games on sale at Best Buy, and more.

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