Daily Deals 5/4 – Upgrade & Save Deals, Rise of the Guardians, Hangover 3 Movie Cash, and more

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Best BuyHere is a look at the Best Buy and Target ads for 5/5-5/11:

Best Buy Ad 5/5  |  Target Ad 5/5

Highlights include a selection of Upgrade & Save Deals at Best Buy,  the release of Fringe Season 5, and more.

91sJ MTKBfL._AA1500_Blu-ray Deals:

At Best Buy, use a $5 Upgrade & Save coupon* to get the following BD’s for $4.99 each:
Crazy Stupid Love
Life As We Know It
American Beauty
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Knocked Up Unrated
Horrible Bosses
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight

Would You Rather – $12.99 at Amazon
Person of Interest Season 1 – $19.96 at Amazon

frysFrys has 8 movies on Blu-ray for $8 with free shipping that include movie cash for The Hangover 3.

Get $8 Movie Cash for Oblivion when you buy any of these movies on BD with free shipping at BestBuy.com (19 Titles)

91xZbPxC6fL._SL1500_DVD Deals:

Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series – $5.00 at Amazon

Smallville Season 10 – $14.96 at Amazon
Fringe Season 4 – $16.93 at Amazon
If you’re a fan of Fringe, check this book out.  I’ve been reading through my copy, and it is a fantastic companion to the show.

The previously mentioned giveaway is coming soon!  Stay tuned.

The best Blu-ray deals today include The Walking Dead Season 1, a price low by $5, Rise Of The Guardians, a price low by $13, the Bond 50 set, a price low by $40, Person of Interest Season 1, a price low by $17, the Star Wars Trilogies, price lows by $13 each, and the $5 BD’s at Best Buy with the Upgrade & Save coupon, price lows by $5 each.

The best DVD deals today include Fringe, a price low by $12, Smallville, a price low by $5, Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy, a price low by $9, and Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series, a price low by $4.

*Trade-in any DVD at Best Buy and get a $5 coupon off any Blu-ray title $9.99 or more.   Limit 5 coupons per trip.  Need a cheap DVD?  Check out the dollar store or Blockbuster’s used section for cheap titles.

51sSyUVEroLInterested in deals on Video Games too?  Check out Daily DVD Deals sister site, Daily Game Deals.

Todays post includes some great offers at Warehouse Deals, Halo 4, The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, Starcraft II, and more.

Visit Daily Game Deals for these deals and others!

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