Daily Deals 7/5 – The Dark Knight Rises, Dirty Jobs, In Plain Sight, Suncoast/FYE Coupons, Jaws, and more

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7355434.01.prodBlu-ray Deals:

Escape from New York Combo Pack – $7.99 at Amazon
The Dark Knight Rises – $8.99 with free store pickup at Frys

John Adams (HBO) – $20.99 at Amazon
Hell on Wheels Season 2 Pre-Order – $24.96 at Amazon
Also available for the same price at Walmart.com
The Godfather Collection (The Coppola Restoration) – $24.99 at Amazon

FYEUntil 7/7, get 25% off your purchase in-store at Suncoast or F.Y.E. with these coupons:
25% Suncoast Coupon
25% F.Y.E. Coupon

786936832051DVD Deals:

Independence Day (1996) – $4.99 at Amazon
Dirty Jobs Collection 2 – $4.99 at Amazon
Robot Chicken Season 2 – $6.99 at Amazon

Penn & Teller Bullshit! – Season 1 – $10.99 at Amazon
In Plain Sight Seasons 1-5 – $12.99-$13.99 each at Amazon
John Adams (HBO) – $18.49 at Amazon

WB StoreWBShop.com offers Warner Archive Titles 4 for $44 with free shipping.  Offer ends 7/8/13.

The best deals on Blu-ray’s today include John Adams, a price low by $9, The Twilight Zone, a price low by $40, The Godfather Collection, a price low by $6, The Dark Knight Rises, a price low by $3, Hell on Wheels, a price low by $5, and Escape from New York, a price low by $4.

The best deals on DVD’s today include Red Widow, a price low by $5, In Plain Sight, price lows for all 5 seasons by $6-$9 each, John Adams, a price low by $11, The Twilight Zone, a price low by $28, Dirty Jobs, a price low by $9, Penn & Teller Bullshit!, a price low by $7, and Robot Chicken, a price low by $4.

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Todays post includes Bastion, 3DS games from Nintendo, Batman Arkham Origins, Sly Cooper for the Vita, and more.

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